If you would go out for a walk today and just focus on the signboards and typography, you would be a bit like me and My Type of Walk project in Brussels. As I relocated to London, I can’t take you on a guided tour anymore, but the folded poster with the map on the back is still available for you to go on this typographic adventure.

How it all started? Lots of street typography photography and the idea to use these in a screen printing project.

I made an artistic accordion booklet, which I could exhibit in the Academy of Anderlecht (above). The booklet was a great exercise, full of experiments and something I’m proud of, but I felt the project wasn’t finished yet. I continued to create something to share, something that would take people into a typographic adventure in town.

What followed was research in archives, colour experiments, screenprint preparation and try-outs, composition, fine-tuning, making typographic postcards, printing… just having a lot of fun with doing what I love. In cooperation with Recyclart Arts Centre, I was also able to set up some guided walking tours and share my passion for this project with you guys. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. ♥︎

My Type Of Walk
My passion for street typography, print and Brussels was the start of My Type Of Walk. Lots of research, trial and error with screen prints, and ideas resulted in me guiding typographic walking tours in French, Dutch, and English through my favourite part of Brussels. People can still do the walk by themselves with the map I created. It’s actually a typographic poster with on the back an artistic map full of anecdotes of each of the signboards. A way to explore the neighbourhood and its heritage through the eyes of a letter lover.

Graphic walking tour map
Screen printed poster
Typographic postcards
Artistic booklet
Guided walking tours


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