Doing the research for a colour palette and choosing the typeface came first. I took up the challenge to design as accessible as possible, making sure the colour contrast was of level AAA conformance to start with.

After that came the logo design. I definitely wanted to have a responsive logo, as there’s a need for a smaller variation for apps anyways, but wanted to use it as app icon at the same time.

The style guide was coming together and so did the screens. From sketching ideas and wireframing to creating my screens for the web and mobile app and prototyping. I made the structure simple and logic, keeping the principles of UI design and usability in mind and iterating after feedback and user testing.

A web and mobile app for companies that need to book and manage their meeting rooms seamlessly.

This is a UI project I have been working on during my course at Designlab, starting from a flowchart, colour palette, fonts, logo design, and style guide to wireframing, high fidelity screens, prototyping and final handoff. Something I took extra care of was accessibility as I believe designers can help to create a web for everyone and we need to challenge ourselves to do better.

Logo design
Colour research
User testing

UI Design Course @Designlab