Before brainstorming about any campaign I would ask everyone in the marketing team about their expectations and wishes for the campaign and what they (dis)liked in previous campaigns. This would give me the keywords for the ideation and I would keep it as a checklist to evaluate ideas and designs during the process.

Big January Sale 2019

Pompoms were chosen as they are fun and they can be used in any craft. I brought together the strong red sale colour, the orange LoveCrafts brand colour, sale logo and pompoms as campaign identity. I also decided to bring the banners alive with little animations, turning the pompoms into cute characters. The animations were especially important for the emails to keep people engaged and they turned out to be a fave.

Big July Sale 2019

The July sale was created as a follow up on the January campaign. For this one, I tried to bring in people, and as a craft company, I thought hands would be exactly what we needed.

We would always run an integrated marketing campaign for our sales via email, content, website, adverts and social channels. The main campaign banner would go on all channels and other visuals would be created in line with the sale theme.

Big Sale Campaigns
Every day was a day full of creativity, craft and joy at LoveCrafts, but there were a few highlights in the year everyone would get really excited about, the Big January Sale and Big July Sale. I was the person to develop and design the campaigns to get all makers out there excited as well. Bringing in some joy and fun was really important to me as it’s what the brand would stand for: Spreading the joy of making.

I’m sharing some of the assets I created for the two sale campaigns of 2019, focussed on yarn sales.

Campaign style guide
Photography requests
Templates for email and social
Campaign banners