The challenge for this logo was the limitation to use the typeface of the city and the need to add different words in 3 languages in between ‘Europe’ and ‘in Brussels’. The little speech bubble graphic was the solution I came up with and it also became the element of play in the campaign.

After the design of the logo, the city council also asked to make proposals for a campaign. I created the concept and graphics for posters, postcards, banners, furniture in the info centre and a tram advert. I also provided the guidelines, so the in-house team of the city council could provide all other necessary material.

Europe in Brussels
Logo design and branding for the campaign of the City of Brussels to welcome the 6-months EU presidency and promote Brussels as a diverse and creative city.

Logo Design
Poster Design
Brand Style Guide
Tram Advertising
Creating Assets
Info Center Way finding

Brussels-Capital Region