The idea behind the logo was too visualise the project in the logo itself: Urban pluvial flood being the problem, but the sensors and citizens playing an important role in gathering data and working towards a solution.

I was also responsible to provide website and CMS support for the website. I have set up the structure in Webflow, adapted the template to beon brand and added in the header images. The content itself could be added by the project workers via the CMS system.

When they created the app, I advised on colour use throughout the app and reworked the logo in a square version as well, so it could be used for the app icon.
Aside from that, I provided the banners for Facebook and the Google Play store.

For the final part of the project, I am currently working on data visualisation to explain the results of the projects. This is still work-in-progress and I hope to share this with you soon (hopefully September 2020).

Logo design, basic branding, website support and data visualisation for FloodCitiSense. The project aims at developing an urban pluvial flood early warning service for, but also by citizens and city authorities.

Logo Design
Basic Brand Guide
Website support
Data Visualisation