Another year, another approach:
High quality and innovation. AGC helping to create smart communities.

The first year I created the table calendar for AGC Automotive Glass, they requested a beautiful object that their clients would want to keep on their desks. I decided to bring in a set of beautiful pictures involving car glass and also bring people into it, fitting with the quotes AGC had provided. I added a gradient throughout the year, from colder colours in the winter months, to warm colours over summer.
The next year, they wanted to show their high tech, high quality and innovative glass. I created a set of uniform icons to add as ‘labels’ to each type of glass. The circles refer to the efforts of AGC to help create smart communities in which people can lead fulfilling lives in comfort and safety.
The extra challenge for the design was to have the calendar in 7 languages at the same time.

Table Calendar

AGC Automotive