Endless Tea Drinker
Graphic Designer
Type Lover
UI Enthusiast
Craft Adventurer
Improv Cook
Little Gift Maker
Problem Solver

I’m Vanessa. I started my career as a traditional print designer and enjoyed the transition to more interactive and emotional digital work in recent years where my love of typography, design fundamentals and visuals still find their place.

Throughout my 13+ years of industry experience, I have worked on a wide variety of projects with institutions, brands, and startups. By now, I’m a bit of a hybrid between a graphic designer and UI designer, and sometimes still throw my printmaking skills in the mix. Love getting my hands dirty!

I really enjoy mentoring and inspiring young designers and help them develop what’s already inside.

I love adding that little extra touch in my designs to surprise people and put a smile on their face.

If you’re curious about my portfolio, have a sneak peek in the ‘work’ section. Only a curated selection of work got featured, a few projects I’m really proud of and recent work with extra explanation. I also added a section with printed work, and I am planning to upload a section with animation and logos soon.

Last Update: July 2020